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libertarianism's Journal

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LJ Libertarians
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LJ Libertarian Think Tank & Discussion Group
Welcome to LiveJournal's libertarian thinktank. Join us and discuss libertarian interests, issues, current events, government, and the like.

This is an English-language discussion forum for libertarians. All on-topic posts are appreciated (e.g. libertarian politics, economics, and philosophy). You do not have to be a libertarian or agree with libertarianism in order to post here; however, you are required to allow comments on your post, and not delete those who disagree with you. In addition, if you're coming here only to challenge the fundamental tenets of libertarianism, you're probably better off in politics or debate.

(Because it has come up frequently, there is one additional clarification: posts about anthropogenic climate change that do not have anything to do with libertarian principles or government responses are off-topic. There's a separate forum (unaffiliated with this one), libertarian_agw that exists solely for this argument.)

Other groups that may interest you: libertyparents, debate, objectivists.

This forum is moderated by fishsupreme, who will delete off-topic posts, spam, trolling, or or posts with comments disabled, but otherwise leave things alone. And try to be civil; repeated ad hominem attacks and flagrant racism will probably get you banned.

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