January 11th, 2008

Maria Sharapova

Just Fourteen Seconds

If you can spare fourteen seconds of your time, Speaker Pelosi admits she doesn't approve of the congress in which she's the majority leader. I admire that kind of candor, of course, but if you don't approve of the job your doing, and you don't resign, isn't that a complicit admission that you're only hanging on because you love the power? Maybe it's the big ol' private jet supplied-no, confiscated- from the military. Or maybe she stays around for the chance to blink in front of all the cameras.

A billion internets for the most appropriate "fail" graphic.

Please feel free to consider this an open thread. ^_^

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In this Bloomberg article I saw a gem of a statement:

Desmond Lachman, a former International Monetary Fund official now at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, blames Greenspan's libertarian bent for his failure to curb lending abuses: ``That philosophy got us into a lot of trouble.''

What do you guys think? I've never seen libertarianism attacked so blatantly by an economist.