Skip (logiphage) wrote in libertarianism,

Taxes for all

Here's a quick point you have not heard from either left or right state controlled media.

The 1% do not earn enough to dig us out of the hole, even if you took it all, it's a tiny sliver. The real money is in the middle class.

The point of getting reality TV consuming democrats to go along with taxes on the rich is so that the rich, who actually have money to do so, would not lobby when they came for the middle class.

This is called divide and conquer.

In fact the middle class is already being hit, as they are finding out right now.

When they came for the rich we said nothing. Be assured when they come for the real money, our money, the rich will not be saying anything.

We are cattle who are told our fellow kine are the enemy, fighting over a little meal. It's not our kine we should regard as the enemy, it's the rancher, and yes, the kine who abet them.
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