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The Racism of the Left.....

One of the favorite tactics of Left-Wing ideologues is the accuse their opponents of being Racist.....for example,take a look at Leftists here who claim that Tea Party supporters are closet racist as a way of avoiding their arguments......the Left likes to paint themselves as the knights in shining armor on the issue of Racism but this covers up their rather sordid history....

It is well known that many of the founding figures of Socialism and other left-wing ideologies such as Fourier...Proudhon...Lasalle...Bakunin.....even their beloved Marx and Engels were all raging antisemites....

This is not insignifcant....since these tendecnies laid the groundwork and abetted the rise of Anti-Semitism in many European countries like Germany, Austria, and France........Russia of course has a long history of Anti-Semitism and after Lenin died,quickly returned to their AntiSemitic ways.....when the Nazis came to power,they co-opted many of the arguments of their Socialist brethren against the "Jewish bankers and usurers" for causing the economic crisis....

Tyler Cowen has a great article on the topic......

"In Germany, Adolf Stocker’s Christian Social Party (1878-1885) combined anti-Semitism with left-wing, reformist legislation. The party attacked laissez-faire economics and the Jews as part of the same liberal plague. Stocker’s movement synthesized medieval anti-Semitism, based in religion, and modern anti-Semitism, based in racism and socialist economics. He once wrote: I see in unrestrained capitalism the evil of our epoch and am naturally also an opponent of modern Judaism on account of my socio-political views. Stocker had revered the Prussian aristocracy since his youth"

"Georg Ritter von Schonerer led the left-wing, anti-Semitic movement in Austria. Schonerer’s German Liberal Party, developed a lower-middle-class, anti-Semitic, anti-capitalistic platform in the 1880s. Schonerer directed his anti-Semitism at the economic activity of the Rothschilds; he advocated nationalization of their railroad assets. Later, he broadened his charges to attack Jewish merchants more generally. Hitler was an avid admirer of Schonerer, and as a young man even hung Schonerer’s slogans over his bed."

"The very first systematic socialist philosophers, the French Utopians of the early nineteenth century, had implicated the Jews in their critique of capitalism. French Jewry was highly commercial, financial, and capitalistic. Proudhon and Fourier, who stressed the abolition of usury, saved their most vitriolic anti-Semitic tirades for Jewish moneylenders."

"Karl Marx continued the anti-Jewish polemics of the socialists. The historical association between Jews, private property, and commerce led to his well-known anti-Semitic diatribes. Marx, who sought to reconstruct society according to his master plan, detested the particularistic nature of Jewish religion and custom. Some of Marx’s followers, such as Duhring and Lassalle, used anti-Semitism as a means of introducing anti-capitalist doctrine. They believed that if the public could be convinced to hate Jewish capitalists, the public would eventually come to hate non-Jewish capitalists as well."

Funny how I dont hear Leftists claiming that Racism discredits the entire causes of Socialism and Marxism.....Hey Lefties...maybe you shouldnt throw stones in glass houses!!! HA! good one!!

The Left tries to pretend that they are not capable of Racism simply by virtue of being Leftists....but history proves that this is not the Anti-Semitism often wears the guise of being Anti-Israel or Anti-Zionist....Leftists like Norm Finkelstein routinely write articles and books accusing Jews of trivializing the Holocaust for political ends....but it needs to be called out for what it is......the Left should not be given a free pass for their Racist views and should not be allowed to claim that the other side as a monopoly on Racism...
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